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I've cut short form comedy all the way to feature length comedy, standup comedy to improv., silly wacky comedy to intellectual comedy.

I was Ellen DeGeneres' editor and she said "It's not rocket-scientry" which I thought was funny. (But actually, editing comedy IS rocket science.  I actually worked for NASA for a bit, I should know) Comedy is the most precise and calculated form of editing.


I also edited for Tyler Perry and have on-set sit-com comedy experience as well as watching my work live in front of audiences to get my comedy timing chops perfected.  One of the biggest challenges in slap stick comedy is to let your audience laugh!  Don't step on the laugh!

For me, Comedy is the most rewarding (and the most challenging) editing style. Comedians are  among  the most creative people to work with.

I've worked with Kevin Hart, Pauly Shore, Tyler Perry, Ellen DeGeneres, Louie Anderson, John Lithgow, Richard Dryfuss, The Muppets, Greg Fitzpatrick, John Ritter, Bruce Willis, Eddie Murphy, The Wayans Brothers, and Matthew Perry.

I have a complete remote studio and a 60 TB server, so I'm ready to bring lots of funny to your TV or film.

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