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How does a good edit transform into a truly exceptional one? How can you ensure that your compelling story aligns perfectly with the vision you had in mind? The answer lies in receiving precise and insightful feedback during the editing process. However, acquiring such invaluable guidance typically requires the involvement of top executive producers – but even they, believe me, lack the time to meticulously oversee every aspect of editing and provide comprehensive instructions for every shot.

This is where an editing consultant like Richard Arsenault comes in. With his 25+ years of expertise and experience on #1 TV shows, he can thoroughly examine your edit, offering a frame-by-frame analysis that identifies potential improvements in terms of smoothness, coherency, and overall impact on your production. Richard is available as a consultant to review your work and provide a comprehensive written document. Additionally, he offers a telephone conference to provide advice on enhancing and maximizing the effectiveness of your edit. Whether you're working on a short three-minute demo reel or a feature film, Richard guarantees to analyze and enhance your current editing.

You have the flexibility to choose between hourly consultation or a comprehensive evaluation for your entire production. Regardless of the option you select, you will receive a detailed time-coded response sheet that provides specific recommendations for all elements in your production. Richard's feedback will guide you on making precise adjustments, whether it's on a frame-by-frame basis or a global level, to ensure you're telling the right story. Furthermore, Richard is committed to fast turnaround times and guaranteed results. If he can’t enhance your film, there will be no charge!


To begin your journey toward creating a remarkable movie, reach out to Richard via email or by filling in the contact form below.

Let's collaborate in making your vision come alive.

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