The world is changing dramatically, and with the current COVID-19 hardships, so is post production

I've been cutting shows remotely since CBS's Judge Faith in 2014. In many ways is far easier than cutting in a facility, and certainly has far less distractions.  My clients send media via internet, a script via email, and we converse by phone or video conferencing. The work is easily screened and commented upon and the final finishing is done without ever leaving my desktop. To prove it works, CBS affiliates have the same strict standards as the highest broadcast facilities -- so if that can be achieved, rest assured your standards will as well.

I can quickly assemble your raw footage into enjoyable form, and you should expect your first rough cut to be polished with a basic music track and full sound design.  Some don't take the trouble. I view film and television as an intersection of character, story, sound and visual elements, combined with "magic."  Even at it's earliest stage, you only get to watch a film the first time once, as Paul Hirsch quoted from someone else. That first kernel of life is what a creator nurtures.

There isn't any format that I can work on that I haven't: comedy, drama, feature-length, short and everything in-between. Documentary, educational, scientific, musical, live, multi-cam, VR are all in my experience.

Give me a shout and I'd be happy to talk about your next project.


40,000 subs+ 40,000,000+ views

23 Million LIVE Viewers

The Tyler Perry Show

#1 Ratings

BET Awards Prince Tribute





The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Lead Editor

House of Payne

Lead Editor

Band of Brothers

In Search of Aliens


Richard & Eva
with Irvin Kershner

Valkyrie (rough cut displayed)

Behind Enemy Lines: dnc2k protests


Judge Faith

American Idol

Bridget's Beaches

Sorority Life

Cast Me!





Cast Me!





Hungry Trees

Experimental VR

1905 North Wilcox Avenue #180

Hollywood, CA  90068

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