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I use my 2 brand new editing suites with a 60 TB server for remote editing.

• Remote editor a variety of high tech, broadcast, corporate, educational and online media clients

• Advanced remote interaction including notes and meetings
• Script writing 
• Pace, theme, and dramatic flow, story and character development
• Wide range of styles, formats, length and audiences
• Field and remote producer
• Camera operator with a range of cameras including Red
• Standard Lighting skills
• Sound editor and mixer

• Spatial Audio mastering

• VR360° workflow

• Red workflow
• Music Supervisor
• Proficient in Adobe Premiere suite including After Effects and Audition
• Colorist
• Familiar with Machine Learning and AI
• Experienced YouTuber with over 50,000 subscribers and over 30 million views

I am currently using Adobe Premiere Suite for most of my remote editing, but I also have 25 years experience on Avid Media Composer and 15 years of experience on Final Cut Pro.  In addition to editing, my skills include audio design and mixing, coloring and graphics work. 

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