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Sometimes editing is like fitting together puzzle pieces thrown into a box. Sometimes what was planned on paper doesn't translate onto the screen, or the plan isn't working and the editor needs to creatively re-conceive the entire structure.


I enjoy solving these challenges and have a strong record of success.

I took over Tyler Perry's life documentary from a previous crew from CNN who couldn't make heads or tails of all the footage. It was easier to just start from scratch with all of the raw interviews and footage -- without a script.  After a few days, I wove it into what was a very compelling and actually tear jerking story of Tyler Perry's life. Mr. Perry was so pleased that he clapped me on the shoulder and said, “Finally, a real editor!”


The same thing happened on Sorority Life, a popular Reality TV show on MTV. It was about to be cancelled and the editorial staff was about to be fired.  So, the executive producer (who knew me from E!) called me in to save his show and handed the first 2 episodes to me. I re-invented the use of MTV's music library "the greatest use of music to date in MTV", invented new editorial techniques I had never seen before like the Video Ramp, and focussed on character and story.  The show went from almost cancelled to a big hit that spawned 2 more seasons as well as a spin-off.

When I began as lead editor at the Ellen DeGeneres show, I replaced several other editors who didn't get the format and weren't funny. An improv piece starring Will Ferrell and Ellen was so poorly covered that it was cancelled until I re-cut it one night. It was so successful with audiences it became a classic for the talk show.


Give me your editing puzzle (with or without instructions), and I'll give you incredible results.

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